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Student Workers Fill Key Roles on Campus

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Whether running around the back of the commons, serving up a late-night snack at the Burgoo, checking out student’s books in the Melick Library, or working at the Red Devil Depot, student workers are all around. This leads many students to ask where and how they get jobs on campus. 

Eureka College provides many On-Campus Employment opportunities. According to the Eureka College Website, On-Campus Employment requires a full-time enrollment of about 12 credit hours during the fall or spring semesters. Students may work up to 20 hours per week during these semesters, giving the busy student plenty of work-life balance with complete enrollment given proper hours.

Some may question this prospect compared to working a full-time job elsewhere. Part of the advantage of an on-campus job is it’s flexibility with shorter hours, especially for students who need help to drive long distances to do tasks elsewhere. Also, some students who may already enjoy a full-time job during their school year can pick up hours between classes or shortly before heading home; a few of these employers explained how students may benefit from their jobs.

Jason Zimmerman heads The Learning Center on campus, providing both assistance in writing through The Writing Center and assistance in The Math Lab or other areas of study. 

“When I hire a tutor, I want to collaborate with a faculty member in a particular department… The threshold is malleable, and I’m not necessarily looking for someone with a 3.5 [overall] GPA, content knowledge, and someone willing to work with a peer who might be stressed out about the class,”  Zimmerman said.

 He also emphasized a long-term position with the Writing Center.

“Students have worked with [us] for several years, and we are looking for good writers and students who want that tutoring position,” Zimmerman said.

Kelly Fisher is the practical head of the Melick Library, serving as the Public & Access Services Librarian. The job at Melick, officially the role of Access Services Assistant, is a customer service job that interacts with patrons, is trained in cross-trained circulation interlibrary loan, and has a firm understanding of the Dewey Decimal system, which can be taught on the job. This job is currently already filled, but positions could open up at any time. 

“Although we’re not hiring this semester, we’re unsure what the Summer or Fall will look like,” Fisher said.

Both the Burgoo and the Commons are the mainstays of Quest, with jobs offered by both dining services on campus. In differentiating them, first, the job in the Commons was discussed. 

“Employees are skill-oriented and driven individuals who look for issues and address them by practicing autonomy,” DeAnne said.

The Melick Library and Tutoring provide benefits on the job through direct access to academic resources.  

“[Quest delivers] benefits including raises, the ability to work continuously while earning those raises, and the benefits of a meal during every shift,” DeAnne said.

David Speiser, the Director of Career Services referred to other jobs on campus. Although David provided a sufficient list of jobs, both past and present, that had been available, it was deemed inappropriate to publish the list in full because jobs are always in flux.

“There are innumerable opportunities on a college campus, and student employment is almost always in flux. What was a position that a department hired for one year, they may choose not to rehire the next; likewise, a department may create a new position they haven’t hired for before,” Speiser said.

Many paid jobs exist on campus, ranging from assisting a professor or particular department to providing support for peers. If a job on this list does not interest students in a changing collegiate environment, plenty of opportunities continue to be made by the day. Just like a newspaper ad looking for a constantly changing stream of employees, Eureka College seems to do the same by offering students various opportunities.

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Joseph Lees, Staff Contributor
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