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Navigating Eureka’s Resources: Empowering Students for the Future

Emily Virgil

President of Eureka College, Jamel Wright, expresses a friendly President’s Welcome Message for incoming students to the school, “Eureka College will transform you in many ways you may not think are possible.” Eureka College’s mission is to provide a student-centered experience that cultivates the essential skills to serve with passion, lead with purpose, pursue growth opportunities, and learn for life.

They offer services, opportunities, scholarships, funds, athletics, and groups that students may not even know exist. Through counseling services, connecting with peers, and travel abroad options, Eureka ensures that students will be fully supported and well prepared for the work force after graduation, as well as have a little fun while they are attending.

One privilege that Eureka students can take advantage of is free counseling services. These are made available for all students and help those in search of a therapist, as well as those who simply cannot afford one due to lack of insurance or other reasons. College can be very stressful due to students being away from family, balancing homework and projects with work or athletics, and a myriad of other factors that contribute to feeling sad or upset. Openly talking with a professional might significantly improve these feelings, and Eureka makes it extremely simple to set up an appointment.

One student who has used this service was able to describe in detail the process of setting up an account.

“All I had to do was put my email in to make the account, and you can put in issues that you have, like what kind of reasons you’re looking into therapy. They’ll provide you with a list of therapists that align with your needs. It’s as simple as just hitting a button to schedule an appointment, and they’re usually available 8-5, depending on who you’re requesting. It’s very quick and easy it took me all of ten minutes to set up an appointment,” the anonymous student said.

There are two different visit types. There is an in-person option available on campus, and the other option is through a new program named BetterMynd, which is completely online. Students are able to make an account with their Eureka email and do virtual sessions with a counselor that way.  These 50-minute video sessions are private and confidential and can take place from convenience of a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Teletherapy sessions are available during the day, at night, and on weekends, so students can get support whenever it is best for them.

It should be noted, however, that Eureka only offers 2 free sessions before the payment falls on the student.

“They don’t tell you that right off the bat. It wasn’t until I made the account and logged in that it was like by the way, you only have 2 free sessions. That doesn’t really seem like much help because by the time I get done with those two sessions, I’m going to want more. That’s kind of a gimmick, I think. I used up my two sessions, but I reached out to Dean Chase who was able to give me more free sessions, which was lovely, so I have yet to have to pay for it. They offer two free 50-minute counseling sessions, once you’ve used those sessions it’s $85 per session. It also prompts you to reach out via phone or email to Dean Chase and he can provide you with extra credits. There’s a lot of students that don’t really seem to remember that it exists. It’s a very good service, I utilize it myself and I think it’s a really nice service to have,” the anonymous student said.

Therapy can be intimidating for some, especially with the thought of having to pay $85 per session. If counseling is something students are interested in, they can reach out to their advisor or Dean Chase for additional accommodations.

If students are looking for a way to stay active and meet new people, Eureka offers 14 NCAA III athletic teams, with a list of men’s and women’s sport listed on the Red Devil’s sports page under the “Sports” tab. Eureka also offers a variety of intramural events that are open to all students, free of charge. Some of these events include bowling, a video game tournament, basketball, flag football, paintball, cornhole, dodgeball, and many more.

If there is an interest in opening a club that is not offered at Eureka, students can simply email Pam Levinson, Director of Student Engagement at the Office of Student Life. With over 30+ student clubs and organizations, students are almost guaranteed to find a group that suits their interests.

There are also a huge number of opportunities available for students to see the world. Some options include a full semester of conventional study abroad or a faculty-led 2 weeks abroad with other Eureka students. Other options include traveling during the summer. Whether students are interested in visiting a Spanish or English-speaking country, partner affiliate programs will ensure that they are comfortable in any option they choose for their general academic career. Many college students might think that a travel abroad opportunity may be out of reach, but Dr. Kate Harlin, the International Studies Coordinator, says otherwise.

“I am not going to lie, study abroad is of course expensive. But, in most cases, we can figure out the financial aid and support to make it no more burdensome than spending that time on campus at Eureka. There are lots of scholarships available, you can use your Experiential Learning Grant, and ways to make it work. So definitely come talk to me, we can figure out a plan together, but don’t assume it’s out of reach for you because you can get help,” Dr. Harlin said.

The “Experiential Learning Grant,” mentioned by Dr. Harlin, requires 45 credits and a 2.25 GPA. Each eligible student has access to up to $2,000. International studies and travel offer two additional scholarships. Students have already technically paid for this in their college tuition and should take advantage of it.

The “Colorado Scholarship” requires a 2.5 GPA, a minimum of 30 credit hours, and can be up to $4,000 annually.

Lastly, the “Straw Award” requires a 3.0 GPA, and multiple awards of up to $4,000 are given annually.

An important thing to note about these scholarships is students are not limited to only one, but they can use every scholarship that they meet the requirements for. With these opportunities, utilizing these services is much more obtainable and reasonable. If students have questions about any of this, Eureka highly recommends speaking with advisor, or reaching out to Dr. Kate Harlin.

“Not enough students use their Experiential Learning Grant, so even if you don’t use that money available to you for an international experience, do an internship or some sort of practicum. It is available for all sorts of different opportunities to help you professionalize, help get ready for post-graduate career, and enough students take advantage of that opportunity,” Dr. Harlin said.

Eureka provides many different opportunities for students, whether it is international studies, funding for an internship, a place to meet new people, or even someone to talk to. Students should talk to their advisors if any of these options interest them.


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Emily Virgil
Emily Virgil, Staff Contributor
Emily Virgil (Morton, Illinois) is a transfer student from Illinois Central College, majoring in Communication and Media Studies with a minor in Hispanic Studies at Eureka Collee. In her spare time, she likes to create art. Whether that be through graphic design, canvas painting, or working with clay, Emily feels best being in a headspace for pure creation.