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Year in Review: Top Stories You Might Have Missed

Merik Flatt-Beer

As another year of the Pegasus goes down in the books, here are a few of the stories you may have missed.

Social Media Harbors Hidden Dangers on Students’ Lives, by Wes Adkins and Gaige Owens

Wes and Gaige go in depth about the effect that social media has on student’s lives. Featuring interviews with students, faculty, and staff, expert and layman opinions alike are heard on the same level. Dr. David Eisenberg gives his professional opinion on how social media is used to share bad information on a large scale with minimal critical consideration. Students give their perspective on how social media platforms, like Yik-Yak, are being used to attack and drag others down instead of bringing them up. Director of Marketing and Strategic Communication, Melody Crickman, talks about the lack of responsibility and ownership social media has led to in student’s behavior.

Navigating Eureka’s Resources: Empowering Students for the Future, by Emily Virgil

Emily walks readers through a thorough rundown of many of the services and organizations on campus that many students are underutilizing. She highlights several services that are most important for student success. There are personal services, such as the free counseling services provided by the college. There are social groups, built through the many clubs the college offers, as well as the ability to start any club a student might desire. There are also academic opportunities, like the many possibilities for studying abroad, that the study abroad coordinator would be more than happy to work with students to engage in.

The Continuing Toll of Student Loans, by Merik Flatt-Beer

All college students are familiar with, at least, the idea of taking on debt to pay for school. Merik takes a dive into how big of a problem this is for students currently. It affects not only the day to day lives of individuals, but it is a growing trend across the country that needs to be addressed in order for students to continue to enroll in and, most importantly, finish higher education and move on in their lives to the next big economic milestones.

Sustainability is in Style for Elgin Vintage Store Owner, David Hill, by Jack Arnett

A local story Eureka College can take pride in, Jack highlights the opening of Elgin Village, a sustainable thrift store run by Eureka College student David Hill. An inspirational story about a student who saw a need in the world and went out of his way to fulfill it. He also talks about the role his academic advisor had in his venture. It is a perfect example of faculty going above and beyond for their students, which is something that Eureka College values.

Inside the Reagan Bunker: The Reagan Archives Unmasked, by Joseph Lees

Little known Eureka College Alumni Ronald Reagan has seen more than his fair share of fame and preservation the entire world over, and here is no exception. Joseph takes the readers on an adventure behind closed doors, into the catacombs of historical preservation right here on campus. Not only does the college feature the quaint Reagan Museum and Reagan Peace Garden, but Joseph gives an inside look at the archives in the vault under the library. He also mentions opportunities for internships, should that interest anyone who comes across the article.

Get to Know New Head Coach Mike Hedrick, by Nolan Thier; Red Devils Hire NFL Veteran as Head Coach, by Kingston Gordon

Over the year, Eureka has experienced several big changes in the athletics department. Two new head coaches were hired, in women’s basketball and football. Nolan and Kingston introduce the readers to the two new members of the Eureka College family, Mike Hedrick and Randy Starks. The coaches got the chance to share their visions for the sports they are coaching and how it will affect both the teams and the students moving forward.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Other Cultures, by Edgar Reyes; Eureka College Celebrates Dia De Los Muertos, by Nataly Rodriguez

Interested in others’ cultural practices? Edgar explores one of the United States’ most celebrated holidays and how others might celebrate the holiday in a more nontraditional way. Nataly walks readers through Dia de Muertos, a large Mexican holiday celebrating passed family members, and how it is also explored on Eureka College’s campus every year.

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