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Get to Know New Head Coach Mike Hedrick

Eureka College

On October 10th Eureka College hired its 14th women’s basketball coach in Eureka College history. The College named Mike Hedrick, a Georgia native with an abundance of college and high school experience. Hedrick packed his bags and traveled to the elms to start his promising career here at Eureka College. 

After taking a break from college coaching after the 2016 season, Hedrick looks to return to the college level continuing his domination that he left back in the high school ranks. After a 123-53 overall record as a high school coach, Hedrick plans to continue the growth this Red Devil program has seen over the past few years.

“Coach Jay has for sure left her mark here at the college; she has assisted me tremendously in my transition,” Hedrick said. “I realize how fortunate I am to be given this opportunity. I am looking forward to the process honestly. Making a recruits dreams come true, witnessing young women grow into their true selves, cutting down the nets, and hopefully earning a few rings.” 

For any coach who is transitioning into a new position, investing in a new program takes a ton of dedication and hard work! Hedrick has a strong belief in the future of the Eureka College women’s basketball.

“I saw the potential to win championships and be a positive impact for this college. We have a lot to offer, and I moved ten hours away because I genuinely believe in the direction the women’s basketball program, the athletic program, and College is heading,” Said Hedrick.

Athletic Director, Sara Shaw has had a busy start to her tenure here at Eureka College. Hedrick is Shaw’s second hire, and she is fired up to have him on staff. During the interview process Shaw saw an incredible amount of passion, knowledge for the game, and excitement from Hedrick.

“We are thrilled to welcome Coach Hedrick to our team. As we continue to elevate all aspects of our department and champion the values of the institution, it is imperative that we identify candidates who are committed and dedicated to providing a positive foundation for our student-athletes to be successful in athletics and academics,” Shaw said. “We can’t wait to see where he will take our program and the ways in which he will develop our student-athletes.”

When becoming a new head coach within any program there will be fans and critics that want to know the X & O’s planned to be incorporated within the team. However, many disregard the human behind the coach. Mike Hedrick is a simple man. As a coach Hedrick is committed to his team and career, and as time consuming as that is, spending his free time with his family is a top priority. He loves the company of his wife, Agaisha, and their yorkie named Bella. Hedrick is a brave soul that is willing to try several types of food, but he is just as satisfied with a great cooked steak or burger, like many. Hedrick’s father instilled his love for the classic horror film when he was young.

“Classic 80’s Slasher movies such as Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street are like comfort food to me,” Hedrick said. 

Hedrick was hired just in time for the men and women’s international trip to Windsor Ontario. On a day’s notice Hedrick made the trip to Eureka from Georgia.

“If you want to truly get to know people, go to a foreign country together within a day of meeting them! The benefit proved to be that my relationship with not only my team, but the men’s team and their coaching staff. I have not been here two full weeks, yet it feels like true relationships have already been expedited on many fronts,” Hedrick said.

Hedrick has been welcomed with open arms as he tries to bring back a championship to the Red Devil nation.  

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Nolan Thier, Sports Editor / Staff Contributor
Nolan Thier (Mundelein, IL) is currently a senior majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Communication and Media Studies. Nolan is a second year member of the Pegasus and on Eureka Men's Basketball team. Serving as the president of both the Chess Club and the Community Service Club on campus, he demonstrates his passion for intellectual engagement and social impact.