Vegan Lifestyle

A majority of colleges in the United States cater to omnivores, not herbivores. Even if the dining hall says the dish is vegan, it may not be. It isn’t always fun or easy being a vegan, especially as a college student struggling to afford any edible source of food in general. Lucky for Eureka students, the campus dining hall has now started expanding more vegan options for the students who are vegetarian and also for the students who want to try vegetarian meals. In an interview with student Stefon Humphrey, who has been vegan for now two years now, he voiced his opinion on the vegan section in the dining hall and said that “ the choices have gotten better and I appreciate that, it used to be hard, and frustrating for me when I didn’t have an option in the dining hall”. Being that our campus doesn’t have a lot of vegetarians it is well-appreciated that the Quest staff puts out a vegan station every day for those who are a part of that lifestyle.

In a recent conversation with student Daizjah Shannon, who has recently become a vegetarian, she shared her thoughts on how she thought it was going to be a hard transition to switch to a vegan lifestyle in college by explaining she didn’t know what to expect in the dining hall and also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on buying food from the grocery store, but because of the dining hall choices has made the transition easier. Eating out as a vegan is a challenge. Eating in a college dining hall can also be difficult at times. Fortunately, Quest does an amazing job by implementing vegetarian foods in the dining hall so as the number of vegans and vegetarians goes up, especially with younger people they are improving their vegan and vegetarian options.