“MH370: The Plane that Disappeared”: Revisiting an International Tragedy


“Planes don’t just disappear.” This was the tagline of Netflix’s newest limited series, MH370: The Plane that Disappeared earlier this month. The three-episode documentary series follows the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia flight 370. For those who don’t know Malaysia 370 is, one of if not the most, bizarre aviation occurrences to ever happen in the world. This massive jet which was heading to Beijing when it basically disappeared from thin air. There were over 200 people on board, and we still don’t know exactly what happened.

For a bit of background, on March 8th of 2014, passengers boarded their flight like they would on any other day. Many people on this flight were experienced fliers whether because of work or leisurely flights for vacation. Nothing was out of the ordinary nowhere text from passengers nothing was wrong with the plane. But somewhere along the way, something went wrong. At 12:41 AM the flight took off about 40 minutes later at 1:21 AM the last communication from MH 370 was recorded as they were entering Vietnamese airspace. The famous last words from air traffic were from air traffic control officer Kula Lumpur. He was heard on the recording saying, “Good night, Malaysia three seven zero.” This was the last call signal from the Boeing 777. At least that is what the public thought. It was later released that they had tagged the signal of the flight for a while after. The flight was tracked turning back around and headed towards the Indian ocean (as pictured).

MH370: The Plane that Disappeared was a suspenseful series that will have you on the edge of your seat. It had perspectives from anyone and everyone who had something to do with the disappearance. From conspiracy theorists to scientists to direct family members of the victims. Netflix covered nearly all fronts. For many the documentary brought back the pain, they felt when it initially happened. The Pegasus sat down to interview people who remembered the fear when MH 370 initially went down.
For those of us who don’t remember the flight this show feels like a fantasy. It is unheard of for anyone to lose a Boeing 777. For those who do remember it and the families of the victims, this was a harsh reality that no one could fathom. In an interview with a woman who wanted to remain anonymous, she said her initial reaction was just horror. “I was already scared of flying but after MH370 I couldn’t even begin to think about getting onto a plane. As someone who has kids herself seeing what some of those parents were still going through brought back that initial reaction of not wanting to step foot on a plane.” This seems to be a lot of people’s responses to the disappearance of the plane being brought back up. Although we may never know exactly what happened to MH370 this short docuseries provides many possible theories as to what may have happened.