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Homecoming 2023

Delaney Douglas

Homecoming in Eureka has been celebrated for over one hundred years.

Homecoming is a special event for students and alumni. For students, the school plans events during the week before the game on Saturday. Some of these events include 80’s day and the pep rally.

Alumni can come back to the big game on Saturday. This gives time for alumni to catch up with their old friends or teammates that they’ve played with in the past and a chance to see how much Eureka College has changed since back then.

Elijah Clar, the student body president for Eureka College, and CAB planned all of the events for Homecoming. Coming back from fall break, Elijah was able to set up events for the student body. The big event that he set up was Wacky Wednesday, where students were able to have wacky clothes, hair, etc. This was followed by trivia night at 7 pm. On Thursday it was Band/Movie Tees (80’s), where students were able to dress up or wear 80’s clothing. The pep rally followed at 5 pm, where the entire student body was able to get food and enjoy time with friends.

On Friday it was Maroon and Gold Day, where students were able to dress up in the school colors. Lastly, Saturday, Eureka alumni could come to campus and tailgate before the big football game. As the Eureka Red Devils took on Wisconsin Lutheran. Elijah had put in the time and effort for Eureka College to make this a special week. He organized a week full of events with the help of CAB.

Bucky Boland, a Eureka College alumnus, was excited to be back on campus during homecoming.

“I wish some of the things were brought back, but times have changed. I miss some of the traditions, but I still enjoyed my time,” Bucky Boland said. “It was good to see some old friends on campus.”

There were a lot of traditions back in his time, but it was good that Eureka College still has events that the student body can get involved in. His comments reiterate that Homecoming is a special place for both students and alumni.

Not only did the alumni enjoy homecoming, but the students did as well.

“Homecoming shows how much support the college has from all the alums who have walked through the same doors as us. It is always cool, especially to see previous football players hanging out and having conversations with current players,” Tanner Leash said.

Tanner is a sophomore this year, so he was able to experience last year’s homecoming.

“Homecoming was different to me because I was able catch up with some of the alums I knew from last year over the weekend,” Tanner Leash said.

It is always good to see when alumni who went to Eureka College back in the day come out to show support. People who are in fraternities and sororities meet new people who have joined the brotherhood and sisterhood, as well as support them and help them become the best versions of themselves. All the ex-athletes who have walked through these doors always meet some of the new players who have entered Eureka College and give them the best support they can give.

Eureka College has celebrated homecoming for over one hundred years. This tradition will keep on going. Elijah Clar and the Eureka Cab are always setting up events for the student body to get involved in. The big football game, being the last thing that happens during Homecoming week tie it all together. Current students are grateful to the alumni, and alumni being grateful for the students on campus: this is what makes Eureka College a special place. Without this part, it would not be the same. Eureka College will always be a home for the students that still go here and the alumni that come back annually.




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Edgar Reyes, Staff Contributor

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