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Spring Sports-Behind The Scenes

Victor Freitas

Ever wonder what spring athletes do in the off-season? Many spring athletes do not take the fall off, instead they still workout and practice two to three days out of the week. Spring sports, such as softball and baseball, normally workout in the morning. They also practice in the afternoon.

The softball team works out four days out of the week. They have two strength training days. They also tag an agility day, a conditioning day, and a yoga day so that they feel recovered after their workout. Their workout times are from 6:30 am to 7:30 am four days a week.

“The offseason is beneficial for me and my teammates because it gives us time to build strength and also build the relationship between my teammates so when we go out on the field for when were in season, we are able to communicate and play as team,” Douglas said.

Working out isn’t the only thing that softball teams do. The softball team still practices three days out of the week.

“Prior to our practices Coach Juell sends out a practice board so we have an idea of what we are doing that day for practice. It gives us time to prepare for either fielding or hitting, and we follow that practice board during practice and at the end of every practice. We do bouquets to people who succeeded, or made a good play, or was cheering everyone on,” Delaney Douglas said.

This will be coach Juells third season with the softball team. As this will be her third off-season.

“This off-season looks a little different for us as we are returning 20 out of 26 players. 22 out of the 26 have collegiate experience,” Coach Juell said.

This gives the red devils some great experience as they prepare for the spring season.

Other than practicing and working out, the softball team take their academics seriously. Coach Juell makes it known to her players that their academics always come first.

“Academics are always the top priority in our program. The biggest goal I have for student athletes is to get it done in the classroom. It is imperative for these students to start the academic year strong with a successful fall semester leading into the spring semester,” Coach Juell said.

The baseball team on the other hand is a little different than softball, but they still have the same goals. The baseball team will have mandatory lifts later, but they are still practicing out on the field.

“I believe the off-season is a very crucial time to build muscle strength and endurance in the weight room. It is also where my teammates and I find each other’s weaknesses and motivate each other to build up our weaknesses,” Kelton O’ Grady said.

The baseball team runs practices a little differently, but they still put in the work to become ready.

“Practices are normally about two to two and half hours. When the team is scrimmaging, everyone gets here at the same time, but on non-scrimmage practices pitchers and catchers report first to get bullpens done. One hour after the outfielders arrive to warm up, then complete their drills. The last thirty minutes of practice everyone goes through program routine and practice baserunning.” Kelton O’Grady said.

Scrimmaging will help the Red Devils get experience, so they are prepared for their first game.

During spring, athletes have been working hard. Fall teams have already started their season. Eureka Red Devils spring sports are working hard while people aren’t watching. They are working hard to get stronger, faster, and become ready for when the spring season hits.






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