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The Black Student Union Creates Safe Space on Campus

Alexis Smith
Secondary VP: La’Nya Love – Left President: Jurnee Flournoy – Middle VP: Daizjah Shannon – Right

The Black Student Union is an organization that welcomes members from all generations around the world who are interested in learning more about Black culture, Black spaces, and Black dynamics. They wish to establish a neighborhood where they can socialize and address misunderstandings about Black history and the community’s residents.  

Through educational, social, and political activities, the Black Student Union searches to provide the community with opportunities for both cultural enrichment and intellectual progress. BSU serves to provide information to its members and raise cultural awareness within the community at large.”   

To help other students grasp boundaries and concepts like “appropriation” over “appreciation,” they extend the usage of culture to them. Being at a predominantly white institution isn’t easy for most Black students so the reasoning for a BSU program is to create a safe space for Black students to speak their mind freely.  

The Black Student Union represents the Black students on campus to give them a solid view of where they came from and what they stand for. To bring a positive and better outcome for more than just the Black students on campus.  

Students were asked “what does BSU mean to them.”

“The Black Student Union to me is a safe space where I can have conversations on controversial topics with peers who think and look like me, as well as expressing new ideas to get more students involved,” (Freshman) Jade Dillard said.

Having a safe space for her as a freshman means a lot to the BSU as a whole.  

Last year the BSU was in commission as well, but there are a few differences from last year. The president and vice president from last year have a couple plans up their sleeve to improve the BSU status. The goal that the Black Student Union plans to pursue this year is important, meaningful, and will be encouraging to the students on Eureka College or any college.  

The Black Student Union wants to achieve every goal they have in mind this year and in upcoming years as well. To do so, they must have the motivation of looking at leadership and bravery to lead them to a respectful group on campus. They must be the group who can bring a good change to the community, and be an organization who can make others feel comfortable in different environments. Lastly, they must be people who can bring positivity.  

This program is run by students itself, so it would be a good idea to get some insight from the actual students who are actual part of the BSU. Realistically when someone mentions BSU most people just think of it as a group of Black students having fun with each other. That’s not the case.

“The Black Student Union is a safe space for people of color to come together and voice opinions on issues that we face on campus,” (Senior) Jurnee Flournoy said.

Even if they get together for just one hour a week, that time they spend with people who look like them, who talk like them, who truly understand them, there’s true value there. The BSU this year wants to create change at Eureka college. Anyone can stand up and make change and stand out while doing so. Together, the environment we live in and the people we surround ourselves with can help the BSU stand out.  

“You don’t have to be black to make a difference, or to even join the Black Student Union,” (Senior) Daizjah Shannon said.

Being an African American has pros and cons, to this day Black students are still judged by their skin color. It may not be as common as it was back in the day. 

“People who understand what it means to be a person of color will understand the brother and sisterhood we share with one another,” Senior La’Nya Love said. 

The BSU creates memorable moments and shares them through their culture with the ones around them. The BSU plans to reiterate Black history, to move the campus through Black empowerment, and most importantly create a positive change. The BSU needs Eureka’s support as a family to motivate them to think and attack. In addition to that they would like to talk about what they can do right now to ensure that those who come after can build upon what they have done.  

BSU has its positivity and possibly could do Eureka College some good. The campus itself could all learn about the different cultures there are on campus, starting with the Black Student Union. Hopefully, the BSU can start a movement into getting more students to learn about one another’s cultural background. Lastly, the student members of the Black Student Union, want to make sure that all voices are heard.  







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