Senior Spotlight:Nathan Garard



This senior spotlight shines on none other than Eureka’s Nathan Garard. Garard hails from Gibson City, IL and was born in Normal, Illinois. He has two siblings Ethan and Kaelyn. He is currently on the baseball team and has been for all four years of his college career. Garard has been involved in several activities and organizations, including being a member of Lambda Chi Alpha. But he is best known for his work on the mound at Henry Sand field and the way he carries himself on campus. His love for the game of baseball is here for all to see, but his love for other humans and being a good person are what makes him so special. He’s got a comforting personality, and you can tell that from with just one conversation with him.

Freshman year, Garard wasn’t who he is now. 2020’s shortened season of baseball consisted of a more hitting/fielding season for him. As he appeared in 14 games for the Red Devils, he had 10 hits, 8 RBI, 6 runs, two stolen bases, two walks, one double, and a homerun. He got his first start on the mound that year and got just a hint of who he’d be in the coming years and what role he’d take on. Garard isn’t only known for his work on the baseball field, but in his past on the football field as well. After his fall football season of 2020 was moved to the spring, he had to choose between playing football or baseball. Nate chose football that spring and went on to have 44 completed passes, throwing for 668 yards, and 9 touchdowns. After what would be his final season of football, he went back to playing baseball the next school year. The 2021 season for Garard was a season in which he took on a much bigger role for the Devils. Becoming a conference starting pitcher, he appeared in 12 games, 10 of them starts, chucking 64.2 innings for the Devils and recording a 5-5 record. Over all 12 appearances, Nate struck out 66 batters while only walking 28. Garard also 2-wayed for the Red Devils in that season, appearing at the plate 43 times, recording 10 hits, a double, and 4 RBI.

“I like to help my team as much as I can, and if it’s me at the plate while I’m pitching as well, then I love that I get a chance to help myself on the mound as well,” said Garard. Pitching and hitting isn’t a common thing in today’s game of, but Garard has shown he could be successful in nearly any position he’s put in.

In his senior season, he is again clocking in over 60 innings for the year, going into this weekend he holds a 3-5 record with 10 appearances all being starts, 58.2 IP (innings Pitched), an impressive 54 strikeouts, with only 21 walks, 34 earned runs, and 2 complete games. “Taking on a bigger role was something I had wanted for myself. I love being able to control the game as much as I can, and taking on a starting pitcher role was just exactly what I wanted,” said Garard. Nate has also had himself a decent year at the plate hitting .286 for the devils with 8 hits in 28 AB with a homerun. He has been a solid addition to the lineup as a hitter and fielder.

Heading into the postseason, Nate and the Eureka Red Devils have secured themselves a spot in the conference tournament taking place May 9th through the 13th. The conference tournament is a two-game elimination style tournament and will feature the Red Devils as the sixth seed going up against an anticipated opponent as conference play comes to an end by May 1st. The team holds a 9-22 record going into the weekend as they match up in a 3 game home series against the fifth seed in the conference, Westminster. With the end of the season coming up, the Eureka Red Devils are looking to make a run into the tournament and create some noise with their bats. The pitching staff has been a strong point of the squad so far this season, and they hopeful that with Nate Garard and others, they will succeed this postseason. The team is appreciative of the time Garard has dedicated to his academic and athletic careers. The Pegasus wishes nothing but the best to Garard and his team as they compete this post season!