Kira’s Flowers on Eureka College’s Campus

On Monday, April 24th over 60 students gathered outside the Cerf Center for a sustainable flower presentation put on by the student senate from 4-5 pm. Student Body President, Hannah Cliff worked hard to organize a fun sustainable floral event at the perfect time of the semester to bring a smile to many students’ faces. Students were able to make a bouquet of 10 sustainably grown flowers. The flowers and florist were locally sourced. Kira Santiago is the owner of Kira’s Flower’s which is located in East Peoria on Springfield Road. She also has an Instagram page and sells her beautiful flowers at the Peoria Riverfront Farmers Market on Saturdays. Santiago also teaches alongside Dr. Everett in the fall semester here at Eureka. This class is ESV170 Horticulture for Health if you want to hop on the waiting list.

Sophomore Ariel Wilson was so excited about this fun event. “This is the perfect way to brighten up my room before finals,” said Wilson. 

“It feels like a really great start to spring and a great way to end the semester, ” said Madalyn Schmidt . Another member of DeltaDelta Pi, Ruthie Kearney, said “I’m so excited about this. Tulips are my favorite flower and they are absolutely gorgeous.” She even made an additional bouquet for her professor. 

“It’s great to support local business and a fun activity before finals,” said Grace Nieukirk. 

This event was very popular and all 600 plus flowers found a new home in less than an hour. When speaking to Hannah Cliff, she said that this event will definitely be back next year. In the meantime, make sure to stop by the Peoria Riverfront Market to get a beautiful bouquet of Kira’s flowers for yourself.