Content Creation: A Growing Field


A content creator is responsible for producing written, audio, or visual information for content marketing platforms, like social media or blogs. When we’re defining a content creator, we’re talking about someone who focuses on creating content with the intent to connect and market to a specific audience. There are different types of content creators such as creators who focus more on articles and blogs, creators who focus on more video content such as tutorials, vlogs, and interviews, then there are creators who have a focus on photography like infographics, GIFs, and memes.


Social media has a very big impact and presence right now, all the social media platforms have opened doors and given opportunities to many people all over the world by allowing them to showcase their wide range of skills. Being a content creator isn’t always an easy thing to do, especially for those who take it seriously. Creators must treat it like a business, meaning they should know their market by maintaining their current fanbase and continually growing for future followers.


The top five skills that content creators utilize include research, recognizing good content, understanding purpose, and measuring success.  In an interview with Antonio Greenwood and Stefon Humphrey both who are new content creators shared what motivated them to start making content.


Greenwood expresses that it was something he was always interested in and felt like the ideas he planned out for his content videos would be interesting to a certain audience, including people who enjoy lifestyle and workout content.


Humphrey expressed that making content is a way for him to become more open and show his audience and followers a different side of him. Both Greenwood and Humphrey explained that making content takes time and a lot of patience but seeing the finished product gives them relief and joy.