Mental Health and Physical Activity

This time of the year can be very stressful with finals around the corner and the rest of the schoolwork that needs to get done before the end of the semester. Not forgetting that lots of students’ work, and social lives must be balanced. We need to remember ways to prioritize our mental and physical health amongst all the things. Mental health and physical health have a proven correlation. Mayo Clinic studies have shown just 30 minutes a day, even broken up into two 15-minute segments, can reduce depression and anxiety. Their studies explain working out releases feel-good endorphins and takes your mind off worries.

Eureka students have different takes on setting aside time to be active while simultaneously taking a mental break. Some of which might be ones you can try or already do. As the weather gets nicer of course there are more outdoor spring activities. Justin, during the spring, enjoys disc golfing. He said, “I like to go to Eureka Lake and Washington to play disc golf because it takes my mind off of school and narrows my focus to just the activity of disc golfing.”

Vannah is an advocate of physical health and knows how important it is to be active but also to be able to “give herself grace” during stressful times of the year. The physical activity she prioritizes is going to the gym and working out regularly. However, during the late spring and early summer she will “…plan to work out at sunrise or sunset to be more at peace while working out.” If you’re still not sure about those kinds of activities, even going on a brisk walk can help clear your mind, increase circulation, and benefit your health.

Drew said he “likes to go on long walks and listening to music or a true crime podcas.” Walking can offer different scenery and listening to something can distract from other overwhelming thoughts and tasks.

Hopefully, students are able to set aside just 20 minutes a day to simultaneously focus on their mental and physical health. Perhaps we should all start prioritizing our physical and mental health this spring in our own unique ways.